In bed with nice PJ's and dirty shoes 26.01.16

Hello, beautiful people of the interweb!
I have spent a lot of time these past few weeks getting inspiration for my YT channel, this blog and just life in general and I think it is going very well. I feel that you all should be excited about the fun blog post and videos I have in store! 
But inspiration always makes me think about when does it stop being "I was inspired" and just ends up being that you stole someone else's idea? does there even exist "stealing" when none of us are original? Or are we all original? which brings us to the topic of can you even be original or will you always have gotten the idea from someone else? 
For example, these pictures are inspired by / a recreating of Marie Jedig's blog post here but is it still hers when I made it? In my room with my own body and taking the picture with my own camera? I'm not justifying it because I might even myself believe that it is stealing but what do you think it is? where is the line if there is a line?

Have a nice day!