6 pictures and making plans

Hello people of the interweb!
I looked through my pictures on my camera and found these! i really like them and they all just makes me feel calm.
I'm going to my aunt's first fernissage this afternoon and i just can't wait! I will upload some pictures when i get home.
As said in my last blog post i have easther break this week so i have been working and just relaxing a lot! (but i have mostly been working).
Last night i went to see The shamer's daughter. It's based on a Danish book with the same title which i really want to read btw! The movie was good but i usally don't watch Danish movies so it was a little funny to hear. I'm also going to watch kingsman: a secret service. this sunday with my one of my friends!
From the 9th to the 22th of April there will be cph pix which is a film festival in Denmark and right now I'm planning which movies i want to see and at the moment i think I will see White god, the season premiere of Game of thrones, kids, Petting zoo and maybe The smell of us if i have the time.

A cake me and my family ate last Christmas.

Snow 2 months ago outside my home. 

My grandmother's flowers.

My Father's cat, Tiger

My Aunt in her kitchen. 

From my aunt's apartment.

What are you guys up to at the moment?