High end looking BUT low price

Hello beautiful people!Today i want to show 3 items that cost me below a 100 dkk (9 pounds and 14 dollars). I like buy thing that are made of good quality but sometimes I just want it cheap but looking the part. For example I just can't keep my gloves nice for more than a season (if that) so I buy new gloves every fall and therefore i don't want them to be too expensive. So i found these:

And I love them! they are warm but pretty. Plus they have iphone touch in the fingers! 

This necklace is gold witch i find always looks more exclusive. The black ribbons goes down to my stomach. The necklace is just cool and i can't get enough of it!

Last but not least these sunglasses and yes i know why would one buy sunglasses one we are just entering november BUT hear me out, they look nice, they fit my head shape very well and they look more than their price! Win win situation! 

Have you bought anything lately that looks hella good?