Youtube - #MyOpinion

Hello beautiful people of the interweb!
Today i felt talking about a heavier subject, which is opinions on what youtube and youtubers are and what they need to be. I would like to point out that if you don't share the same opinion you are of cause allowed to read and comment but please keep it civilized :)

My first point is that i believe that the whole essence of YouTube (youtubers) is that it is "normal" people communicating with "normal" people. So the other side of the coin is that they aren't supposed to be idolized not that i don't think that they should be famous and get books published and being on the front cover of magazines I just believe we and everybody else crosses a line when it comes to idolizing youtubers
For example I think it has been forgotten by some viewers that youtubers are complex people but i also believe that some youtuber has forgotten that that each and every one of their viewers are as complex as they are.
A thing i also think divides youtubers and viewers are autographs because if a viewer goes to a gathering and without asking get something (in Vicky's story a poster) signed without consent then the youtuber is making the gap between youtuber and viewer bigger because then one is not simple a viewer of a youtubers videos but a fan and then the youtuber are no longer just a creator but a celebrity. I'm not saying that i maybe wouldn't want an autograph but if a youtuber assume that i want one than we are no longer just two people we fan and celebrity.
I also a think that is forgotten that we as viewers know that there is more to youtubers than they show in their videos and because youtubers have had fans/viewers scream/being very excited to see them they have forget this.
It also seems like some of the things fans/viewers say is being simplified like when i say I'm a fan of a youtuber i say that I'm fan of their videos and the persona they show and/or has created. And people should see me as enough of a person to see that when i say i love a certain person (youtuber) I know that I don’t know all there is to know but i love the thing that i do know.

Videos i have used for inspiration: 
YouTube Culture | Sprinkle of Glitter 
Respecting your audience | Charlieissocoollike
YouTube Culture | Vicky

Hope that you guys could get something from this ramble! :)