What I did in May!

Hello people of the internet! 
So I made a blog post in the begining of may talking about the things i was going to do! You can read that here if you want. So i thought i would make a follow up. So this is the list:
  • Rave party at my school whith sadly is the last party of the school year but it is known to be the biggest and wildest party of the year! - It was not the biggest and it was not the wildest but it was very fun and i went with some very sweet girls!
  • To watch Age of Ultron with my auntie and some of her friends. - It was soooo good! 
  • I'm absolutely bussing with excitement for the 5 seconds of summer concert in Copenhagen! - I made a whole blog psot stalking about this concert (here) but it was a very amazing concert!
  • Hearing my friend Arne play for the first time at a "real" gig! (I have heard him sing and play a lot of times before but as said never at a "real" gig. You can listen to his music here.  - I ended up not going just becuase both my friends ditched me and i didn't what to go alone! 
  • Getting told the dates of my exams and getting 4 weeks of study period. - I'm enjoying mu study periode soooo much! And i only have to exams this year which kinda sucks becuase that means I have to take a lot next year! 
  • Visit some family and see their new dog for the first time can't wait!! - I love their dog it is the best dog EVER! I axtually made a blogpost about Arthur the dog becuase he is the best ever! (read here)
So That is how May ended up look! 
So we have just enterd June and I'm so exsited for the stuff happining! 
  • Northside a dansh festival and i can't wait to hear Years and Years, George Ezra and Ben howard!
  • Spending some time in Aarhus with my mother and visting friends!
  • One of my bestfriends birthday party!
  • Seeing some friends from Helsingør that i haven't seen in a lang time!
  • And going to my dads for 2 weeks (so i sadly don''t know jet how much i will be able to blog!)