The feelings instagram brings along (sometimes)

Hello people of the interweb!
Instagram have made me very angry lately. I thought I was different, I thought I was happy with the way I look, what I wear and how I act as a human. But after thinking and quite hard actually I have realized that I get just as influenced on social Medias as the next girl. I have mistakenly called it getting inspired but deep down I just want that to be my life in that picture. I see the numbers and say that it doesn't matters but when I see my classmates having 600 followers I feel like I'm not good enough with my 130 followers.I it makes me angry that I can't enjoy social media (in this case instagram) can't enjoy beautiful pictures without having to get sad. This probs just a faze because I'm bored of my own life and wish i had more adventures and money and you know stuff like that.A reason for this rant could be that I just finished The spectacular now and it made think about life and things.

Here are some of the pictures from instagram that i find very beautiful  and made this rant about: 

* disclaimer, I  know that none of these people are perfekt and that they to have shit happen in their lives!