Wrap up December

Hello nice people of the internet!

I read a total of 4 books in December! I read The bane chronicles, Crown of midnight, Fangirl and Eleanor and park.  

I had read some of the short stories from the bane chronicles but not all of them so i was really excited to pick it up! I really love everything Cassandra Clare writes (i know there were other authors involved in this book) I gave it a solid 5 out of 5 stars! You can read more about it here

Crown of midnight is so amazing!! Like the hole series is like sooo good I can't handle it and you properly can't handle it like just WOW! Crown of midmight is nummer 2 in the Throne of glass seires. Crown of midnight had a page or two were i was so ready to trow the book across the room because it got to sweet but then BAM blood, murder and dead people on the next page!! (So it was okay with the sweet stuff!) If you don't know about this series you can read about the first book here

Fangirl is the book i read because heir of fire (number 3 on the Throne of glass series) became too dark! I just needed some cutie pies! (i know i just said i didn't like when Crown of midnight got to light but i just needed something cute!)  And God was it CUTE! It was so fluffy and i just want to hug that book soooo much! Fangirl also got a solid 5 out of 5 stars! You can read what it's about here + my review here

Eleanor and Park is really good but it hurts so much like i read it in a 7 hour go (with one break) and i dreamt about Park that night. I dreamt about the whole book but i only saw Park in my dream. It's just a good book but it defiantly not a feel good book but a good book it is. You can read about it here

What did you guys read in December? And have a nice day!