Update aka me babbling

Hello pretty people of the internet!

Today i just feel like babbling sooo - I'm so ready for my favorite TV shows to start up again and by favorites i mean The 100, Outlander and Shameless. The 100 is airing on the 21 of January. Outlander is airing on the 11 of April. And shameless started the 11 of January sooo I'm already two episodes behind - homework and work have made me miss one of the best show ever but this weekend it will go down!

As some may know and others not i started "high school" this year! (The quotation is because it's the start of high school in Denmark but in other countries i should already be a junior year or something like that) AND i have made new friend. They are insulted by the fact that i cropped myself out of a picture with them in a blog post (here) so i will soon make a post about them + pictures of them!

There is a fun little thing i would like to talk about - Like i'm i the only one who says how New Year is nothing exciting and that it's just the same old thing like always?! BUT I always get sooo excited in January about the New Year! I have even made a things in my life/resolutions book (i will make a blog post about it!)

(all the pictures are from my everyday life)
So now i have been babbling for a while (ups) but is there anything you are excited about in the New Year? Please tell me in the comments!