Why blog? why be a youtuber ? why the fuck share ??

Hello, beautiful people!
I have been thinking about this a lot - Why do I blog? Why do I make youtube videos? Why do I post my everyday life on Instagram and snapchat ? and expect you to care?
You can also turn the question around - why do I read lifestyle blogs? why do I watch YouTubers talk about their monthly favourite and what they wore last week? Why do I care about what people did to today and why do I like seeing pictures and videos of it ?

And there are many aspects to it (like everything else) but I think that with such a global interaction between people but an even more we just want to connect with people or at least feel connected. Becuase how many years went by with me watch zoella, Alfie and Marcus bulter feeling connected with them but them not even knowing I existed (the still don't)? And the moment I realized I could not connect with them anymore because they got too much money, started getting books deals - the moment I realised I wanted to be them and not be friends with them was the moment I started finding other YouTubers to watch other people to connect with. Because then it was no longer just about ordinary people no then it was about something else and I'm still not sure what.

Now I have kinda stopped watching them and started to figure out what and who I want to be in life because of the fact that I wanted to be them and then kinda realised, I don't want to be them I just want to see myself in their situation.

As said we connection with people but since it a one-way conection on youtube (most of the time because you know them - they don't know you) why do we keep watching them? Because they are likeable, relatable or because we genuinely just like the videos they make (the angles, the colors, the editing and so on)

That is sorta what I have to say so far. It is not the answers but the questions that I would liked answered but I don't know who has them.

Some of you may know that I have written a blog post about Youtube before but where I talk about the youtube Culture in general. the link, If you wanna read it.

What are your thought and all this? I would really love to know!