#update // 8 thing i wanna do before 2016

Hello, nice people of the internet! 
Before Christmas, I made this blog post on what I wanted to start doing before 2016 and now I want to look at the "goals" and see what I need to work on. I know that I haven't started doing many of these things BUT I feel that it will make me thrive for them more now when I keep looking at them! If you haven't read these goals I'm talking about you can read about them here.

"Run/walk/bike more because it feels nice to do so" - I started running last week and I'm going to take the bike to school in a couple of weeks. But I do want to run twice a week and bike a longer route once a week. 

"Get a job because you want the money and the experiences it will bring along" - I GOT another job!! but even though a have 2 jobs I don't haven't worked that many hours so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that they need much more help in February. 

"Make you room more like you want it because life is to short not to like the space you are in" - I did this!! you can see some of the pictures here. I love they way ti is right now sooo damn much!. 

"clean your wardrobe and buy more of what you want because even if your wardrobe is full of cloth - if you don't like them you won't wear them" - I'm not satisfied in any way about my wardrobe but I did just buy some pieces that I love a LOT! 

"Start making Youtube videos so you can get your curiosity pleased and show people what you got" - I have started and even though all my videos so far have been mainstream ones I do have some very nice ideas in my sleeve i just can't wait to get out!

"Buy a new computer because you deserve a new one and your old one deserves to lay in the grave after a long hard life" - I GOT ONE YADS!!! you can read a blog post about it here

"Go to more flea markets and secondhand stores + designer outlets because that is where style is found" - I haven't jet but i have some planned!

"Go to more arrangement in Copenhagen because culture is as important as sleep and food" - Haven't been to that many jet but some and it was soooo damn nice!