Years and Years Concert

Hello, beautiful people of the internet!
A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday and kinda unplanned me and Witte went to the Years and years concert in Copenhagen. And it was soooo amazing!!
We arrived 10 minutes after the doors opened because I had a dinner party with my family beforehand. The queue was VERY long but we did expect it when we arrived so late, but we got really good spots considering how late we showed up!. The warm up was a band called Saveus, they were okay just not my cup of tea. 
Olly Alexander was soo energetic and he gave it everything he had - which is so cool for an audience to witness. I would have loved to buy some merch but since the concert wasn't planned I had no money to buy a 500 DKK shirt- but they were so pretty. (I will probably buy one when I get a job) 

I'm sorry for the shit quality of the pictures I'm working on a better way to get my phone picture on my computer! - love ya all!