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Hey, people of the interweb!
Today I wanna show you a new shirt that I bought. I had been eyeing a shirt like this for a very long time! And I think a lot of other people has as well since it was so hard to find one in my size that was not really expensive! But if you want the expensive one, Ganni has made one here. I ended up finding the shirt in one of the small independent shops in my town! I have to do that more often. It costs me 250 DKK (which is 35 dollars and 23 pounds) and I find that a very good price for a shirt that I know I will use + the quality is soooo nice and good!

On the pictures below you can see how I like to style this shirt! 

I like to have it under any big and warm sweaters and such because it gives it a very feminine touch without going down on warmth. I freeze a lot +  your school barely has any heating so I have been trying to finde a nice way to dress but till being warm!

The other way I style it is with a kimono! And it looks so freaking nice I think like I just love that outfit because it is comfortable and just looks on point. 

I also have some very nice blog post in store for you guys the next couple of weeks! So get excited :)


  1. Jeg er din største fan, hon! Jeg er vild med din nye trøje!

    1. Gud hvor sjovt, jeg er også din største fan?! Mange tak !


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