look alike - worth it or not #1

Hello, beautiful people of the web!
The question that everybody ask but i don't really know if anyone have found the answer to is: "Is it worth it?" when you look at expensive cloth and you know that you can find something that looks very similar and is A LOT cheaper.
Take for example this* Acne sweater - it is very cool and looks so nice! But Asos as made one which looks very similar and also looks very cool (here)! So what do you do?
First of all, I believe you should look at your budget because the first question to ask yourself is: "Do I actually have the money to even consider the expensive one?"
if yes then you just have to choose if you want the expensive piece of clothing or if the cheap one is okay. To figure that out i believe you could ask questions like: "Do I want to use this exact item for more than one season?" "Which one color wise and material wise do I like the best?"
If your answer to the first question is anything near no i believe you should go with the cheaper one because why buy/invest in something expensive if you aren't going to use it for more than one season. The answers to other questions are more subjective.

Image 1 of ASOS High Neck Sweatshirt With 1970's Velvet Print

This is just what I think is relevant to think about when stood with this dilemma! but i would love to hear what you guys thinks!

* Image found on Google.