I don't know what to think

Hello people of the interweb! 
Winter is really coming witch means that we are soon getting our midterm grades and scary stuff like that but it do also mean that i would prefer to read a shit load of books and watch a million film and tv shows but that probably ain't going to happen. Even though i won't be able to see and read so much i hope to finnish my goodreads reading challenge for the year - I "only" need to read 10 more books before the year is over...
I also think i'm going to finish rewatching The 100 and start watching shameless again and of cause keep watching How to get away with murder (but i'm sadly 3 episodes behind).
 I will also sadly let you know that i won't be posting 3 times a week anymore (+ i haven't been doing that for the last couple of weeks) because school is just taking up to much of my time and i don't want to stress myself more than i'm already doing!