The blog - what it has been, what it is and what it is going to be #2015

Hello people of the internet!
This blog have two birthdays (wish i had ;)) and yes i'm serius the first one is when i started this blog witch was in 2012 (the 5th of november) and then the second birthday is when i actually started blogging witch was July 10th 2014.
Back in 2012 when i first started this blog i wrote about: 1d and my scouts camp and that was kinda it. I then made very few blog posts over the years when i remembered i had a blog. Then last summer some of my bestfriends where leaving to bording schools and to be exschange students (i'm thinking about making a blog post where I talk/ interview one or two of my friends about how it was to be an exchange student). All in all i felt kinda alone at the end of the summer and i was starting in high school where i didn't really know anyone i was about to spend 3 years with so i just needed a way to come out with some thought and pictures that i usally showed my friends. The people in high school ended up being very nice and i actully made a blog post about some of them here.
So that is kinda the story of why and how long i have been blogging.

Do you have a blog? if yes how long? if not why not? :)