Review of "How to build a girl" by Catlin Moran

Hello, beautiful people of the internet!
I just (this weekend) finished "How to build a girl" by Catlin Maron and it is soooo good and awesome. It is also the kind of book that once again makes me realize that I need to be a writer like I really really need and want to be a writer.
It also reminds me that it will hurt the people around you if you aren't nice which is always good to be reminded of. I have also realized that I want a friend like John Kite (i legit had to google if he was real) and that I either want Krissi to be my brother or to actually be Krissi (I'm still not sure which)

I still haven't told you what it is really about so here is a little appetizer from Goodreads:

"What do you do in your teenage years when you realize what your parents taught you wasn't enough? You must go out and find books and poetry and pop songs and bad heroes—and build yourself."
The main reason why I picked up this book was that appetizer like the fact that you can build yourself is so nice and I find it so comforting. I gave the book 4 out of 5 stars!

Have you read anything lately? :)