Cleaning my closet

Hello beautiful people! 
It has been so busy since school started just with school and with everything else. So what dose one do when they feel to busy - they start cleaning (is this just my or do you do it to?) so i have been cleaning my clothes 4 times since school started which was the 10th of august so yeah but i started to look in all my cabinets and gosh i have a lot of weird unusable stuff (so i will of course show some of it in a blog post) All of this the cloth i don't use anymore and the weird stuff it all makes me see how much i have changed in my hobbies and what i in general like. I'm growing up and it's so amazing to see the change but it is also hella scary and today there is exactly 79 days until I turn 18 (WHAT?)

What have you guys been up to lately ?