Northside festival 2015

Hello everybody!
Last weekend I went to Northside festival at sunday and it was so fun! So in this blogpost i will just be talking about the festival, the food, the artist and just the hole festival overall (I will not talk about what i wore that will be in the next blog post)

I went with my mother and one of her friends and her friends boyfriend but i spend most of my time with my mother. When we arrived we just sat and talked and got something to drink. Around 40 minutes before george ezra were to play we went to the stage he was playing at because i really wanted a good spot! And boy did we get a god spot! The first picture below is taken without zoom! And i'm sorry if the quality of the pictures isn't the best but they were taken with my phone.

He did not disappoint! his voice is just amazing and i can't get enough of it!

As you can see there was quite a lot of people!

My lunch nr.2 - i got a pulled beef sandwich before the burger but forgot to take a picture of it. All around the food was very amazing and good !

The other arits i needed to hear other than George Ezra was years and years (i once made a "take a listen" about them, read here) There were a lot of people and almost all of them were teenangers (and very drunk ;))

It was so good! I just really love them! A lot of other people did to because they had to close the pathway to this stage because 6000 people turn up and the space where the read stage (the one they played) were not made to fit that many people!

It was overall a very good day and I would probably come back next year! 
Where you at Northside? or have you been to any other festival this season?