Northside festival 2015 - What i wore

Hello beautiful people! In my last blog post I talked about my experience at northside (festival) so today i thought i would show you what i wore!

I used a eyeshadow palette from H&M, i used the colour in the top left corner and the one at the top in the middle. I also used my max factor 2000 calorie mascara in the colour navy.

I used the lipstick in the colour summer pink from mabelline new york. 

In the two pictures above i'm only wearing the eye makeup.

In the picture above i was ready to go! 

My outfit consisted of a pink top i got from my fathers wife, a cardigan from vera moda (you can't see it on the picture), a jumper from urban outfitters men section, my denim jacket from the 1990's, black pants from H&M, navy converse, a cap from ASOS and a bum bag. It was way colder than we had expected whith was kinda sad because we were freezing the most of the day but it was still an amazing festival!