What to pack for a concert

Hello beautiful people of the interweb!
While you are reading this I'm props at the venue or snooping around Copenhagen to find 5sos (5 seconds of summer) - because they are playing at Forum (in Copenhagen) and I'm going to have kind of stressed day before I can get a train to tha city! Witch means that I packed my little bag the day before and I though it would be fun to show you what I bring along for a concert/stalker day! 

So i will bring:
  • Money
  • A camera 
  • My phone
  • A LOT of pens
  • Blank papir 
  • Papir with me friends and I's twitter @
  • A hair band 
  • Wipes for my glasses (so i can see lol)
  • My Health Card cause you never know
  • A protein bar (if i can't get food)
  • A mirror
  • lip balm (not in the picture)