The cast of Shadowhunters the abc Family show #2

Hello beautiful people of the internet!
So last week I made a blog post (read here) about the actors who are going to play the characters in the tv show adaptation of The mortal instrument which is named Shadowhunters. So we have been told who is going to play Jocelyn, Valentine and Magnus Bane and the actors are Maxim Ray, Alan van sprang and Harry shum Jr. If you have no idea about The mortal instruments you can read about it here. In this blog post i will also refer to the actors from the movie adaptation (read more here). And thanks to the amzing  Aprilcarstairs for the edits that hopefully will make you feel the vibe of the actors as their characters!

Why i like the actor who is going to play Jocelyn:
She looks sweet and caring like a mother. I believe she will be a good Jocelyn.
Here ars some pictures of her i found on google and a edit by Aprilcarstairs.

Why i like the actor who is going to play Valentine:
I had some difficulties about Alan van sprang playing Valentine because i really liked Jonathan Rhys Meyers look wise (not the hair though). But i do know from watching Rain that Alan knows how to act and be badass so he will do a great job i'm sure! (but i still really hope that he will grow his hair out just a little!)

Why i like the actor who is going to play Magnus Bane:
First of all I LOVE Magnus like he is my spirit animal! And i was really scared of who they might cast as Magnus but i actually got very pleasantly surprised! He looks very cute and we know that he can act! - and sorry but Godfred Gao could not! - But he looked like the magnus in my head sooo damn much!