Katy Perry Concert part 2 - The concert

Hello beautiful people! 
As mentioned in my last blog post (here) i was at the Katy Perry concert! And here is my experience! We had had an 3,5 hours car ride ahead of us before we were at the venue. Kind of a long one but we, Nicoline, Josefine and I had a good time going there! We arrived and found our seats but there were still an hour until the warm up (Charlie XCX) so we decided to go buy some merch.

(I bought a shirt - scroll down to see it) We stood in line for the merch sooo freaking long so Charlie XCX had already started therefor the difference on the picture of Charlie XCX on stage and Katy Perry. 

 Katy Perry's show was amazing and God she sings sooo freaking well! She sings like I image angels do it. I have been a fan of Katy Perry's since "I kissed a girl" came out so it was such a nice and overwhelming experience for me to see her! 

This is the shirt i bought and i really like that you can see that it is Katy Perry merch but there aren't a picture of her! (i don't really seem to wear them even though i find them cool!) 

Have you been to one of Katy Perry's concert? if yes where and was it good?
You can read about my other concerts here if you want to! And i hope you have a wonderful day!