Fashion is a statement #1

Hello people of the interweb!
I thought to myself a couple of days ago that fashion don't have to be pretty to make a statement. From that thought and a look inside my closet a series of blog post was made up. This one is the first!

I'm wearing a dress from H&M (from 3 years ago) my leather jacket I got at a flea marked (read here) and just some cheap pearls. My make-up is just a heart made with eyeliner and i have filed my eyebrows with a pink eye shadow (you can't really see it on the pictures!) + I'm not wearing my glasses

What is you guys' thought on what I said about fashion not having to be pretty?

Have a nice day!  


  1. fashion is totally about statements and self expression and I agree it doesn't have to be pretty, I've seen so many street styles from fashion weeks and they're not pretty haha..but your dress is amazing and that jacket is cool, love it <3

    1. Yes i agree with you on the fashion week one haha! Thank you so much! xx


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