them new girls!

Hello Kings and Queens of the interweb!
As some of you know i started high school (it's the same year as a 10th grader in America) and i barely knew anyone in my class, 2 people to be totally correct. I made a very cheesy poem/text (here) a couple of months ago about how i miss my old friends (still do) but at that time i didn't think that i would be able to be that close friends with them new people. But now I'm not so sure! Because we laugh so much together now and that is how i define a good relationship. They know that i have this blog and i actually cut them out of my prom picture on the blog (here) because I was a little scared (I'm not so of what i was scared) but then they found out and they really wanted to be on the blog and that just made me so happy! So here it finally is - the blog post dedicated to them new girls! 

Me, Amanda, Sabina, Amalie 

Amanda, Amalie, Sabina

Amalie, Amanda, Amalie, Sabina, Laura, Me 

Me and Amalie 

Have a nice day! Much love!