How I Find Style Inspiration

Hello people of the internet!

I love to get inspired by everything and especially like to get inspired on what to wear! So in this blog post i will talk about what websites i use to get inspired.
The first one is you all probably know about this website but then you'll also know how amazing it is. It's a website where you can look at pictures (quotes, cloth, animals) and then you can either "like" them or make folders for them like this:

It is just a really easy and good way/website to get both outfits, recipe and life inspiration. 

The second website is and it's only for cloth. There is two main ways to use it and the first one is just simply looking at cloth that is on sale. I find that easiest when I'm on my phone - then it looks like this:

The second way to do it is to make/look at collages like this one:

it is possible to like both collages and clothing items. 
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Hope you like this blog post - have a nice day!