Laura in a kitchen #3 potato pizza

Hello beautiful people!
Today i'm gonna teach you have to make a potato pizza! It's easy, healty and it tasts amazing! 
  • A dough (I usually buy mine in my local supermarket)
  • 2 medium potatoes
  • A pot of green pesto
  • A normal size cheese bag.

Wash the potatoes and take a potato peeler and make slices (these are the slices you are to use on your pizza) and please don't use a knife for this cause then the slices will be too thick to be nice! Now take your dough and put the pesto on - a nice layer. After that you take your potato slices and put them all over. One layer should be enough! And now the cheese! The oven is to be on 200 degrees Celsius and normal oven. With my oven the pizza has to have 20 minutes but you should just take it out when the cheese is golden brown! And voila you have the best pizza in the world!  

What do you think of this pizza? will you be making it? 


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