My love for kandee!

Kandee is one of my favorite brands! It is young, happy and fresh. I love the colors, patterns and cuts. Most of the shoes are too high for me to walk in but they do have flats as well. When I just discovered the brand they had a pair that was cream with pearls and I'm still in love with them (you can't get them anymore) they do have a pair that looks like them in black, those you can buy right now, Here! Those shoes here are also on my mind.
They sometimes make bags and clutches and let me tell you they are outstanding!

Here is a pictures of my shoes and my clutch from kandee

                                     You can check out their website here:


  1. Holy crap I have been trying to remember the name of that shoe brand for months after I saw stylish Alexis Knox talk about them. You picked some amazing pieces, those boooots!!! x

  2. Lovely post,dear! :)

  3. Thanks both of you for the nice words and taking the time to write a comment! :)


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