Hello, Beautiful people of the interweb!
I'm very happy and very sad at the moment and most of all I'm very excited for what the year will bring me. The thing that makes me super happy is that I feel very inspired + got a job last week YAY! So now I just need to save money to all the things that I want to do this year. 
One of the tings that makes me sad is that when I get home and need to get some of my creativity out (which don't happen at all in school) it is dark outside / it will be dark by the time I'm ready to either film or take pictures - so I'm looking forward to the day when the sun will be out until LATE. But in the meantime you will get some pictures I got this last weekend. 

Sabina my dear friend said that I in this outfit looked like a mismatch of the Kardashians / Jenners and Kanye west (Tanks Sabs I will take it as a compliment!) 


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