My birthday tea party | Turning 18

Hello beautiful people! 
I turned 18 this last tuesday and it was/is wild ! #NoItIsNot but it does feel different and i believe that feeling mostly come from the place that know that i will have to vote this tuesday #omg so it is actually a big deal! But i can handle it (i think).
I spend the day with family and friends, ate dinner and went to the Years and Years concert in Copenhagen (shoutout to Witte's father for geting the tickets!) and it was sooo good and i loved every second of it! 
To something different I held a birthday tea party this last saturday and it was the nicest thing i have done in a long time ! Almost all my girls was there and we ate A LOT af cake and drank a lot of tea. the presents they gave me was so amazing (stay tuned) ! Much love from me to them. 
Pictures form the tea party: