How I Organize School Edition!

Hello people of the web!
I'm one of those people that very easily get stressed out and overwhelmed by school! So I try to make is as easy for myself as possible. One of the things I have is this bad boy:

It's super easy to have with you and it's not that big but it can have a lot of papers in it. You won't lose any papers and/or they are already organized! I organize my papers in classes which means that every class has its own "pocket".
The way I organize my notes is with the program OneNote.  It's fantastic and it's free! It's super easy to use and it has so many cool tools! My OneNote looks like this:

Once again I organize it in classes. You can see my different class's folders in the top (they are the ones that are in color order) If you click one of them you can see all my documents for that class in the right side of the picture. One of the best things about this program I think is that every time you write something it's in a little boxes witch means that you can move it around on your document very easily. I also love the fact that you can make a documents where you and your friends can write in at the same time!
You can download OneNote here!

I also use a program you can download in Google chromes appstore. It's called Google Keep and it's basically a note pad on your computer!  I used to use paper notepads to write down all my homework for the week to come but i started to feel a little guilty about all that paper! So i found this program and i just love it! i use it for more than writing homework down but that is what i primarily use it to. 

Hope this will help some of you!